Mountain bikers: do you know how easy you have it?

Riding bikes isn’t hard. In fact, it’s kind of the opposite as far as recreational pursuits go. If you think about it, the challenge vs fun ratio is off the charts for bikes. I absolutely love the lack of logistics most bike riding involves. To get out on a bike, just make sure there’s air in the tires, find a helmet, and go.

Sure, Steve Williams has an argument but riding doesn’t have to be that hard. Even though we both love bikes and riding, we don’t always agree with each other on BikeRadarbecause we’re freethinking individuals and our situations differ.

Compared to just a few years ago, mountain bikes are easy now. Don't worry though, you're still hardcore

The ease or difficulty of getting out on a real mountain bike ride is highly dependent on where you live. To just get out for a spin or to screw around, though? For the most part it’s so simple. What other sport can you gear up for in the comfort of your house, start from your driveway and have an amazing time doing? Even without trails there’s plenty of terrain wherever you are to goof around on. 

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