How to crash your bike with dignity and (hopefully) keep your teeth

Chances are, whether it’s through a fault of your own, someone else’s, or just bad luck, one day you will crash. Here, stuntman Rob Jarman looks at the four most common types of crashes and explains how best to handle them.

1. The ‘over the bars’ crash

What happens

Your front wheel gets stuck in a drain cover, or you ride into a curb or your neighbour’s dog. Whatever the reason, your bike has stopped dead and you’re heading over the handlebars.

Watch out for your bike following you when you go over the bars

What you do

Don’t just hold on tight and aim your face at the road. Instead, get your hands up and ready. Extend your leading arm towards the ground to start absorbing the impact, bow your head and tuck your chin into your chest, while protecting your head with your other arm.

As your leading arm hits the road, let your momentum roll you over the same shoulder, a bit like a lop-sided forward roll. Keep your head tucked in and you’ll end up on your back.

Hopefully your feet will have clipped out of the pedals at some stage — but either way, be prepared to fend off your own flying bike, which could be falling right on top of you!

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