4 Easy Landscape Photography Tips for Beginners

When you’re a beginning landscape photographer, it can be easy to get discouraged.

After all, I know when I started out that I’d see a fantastic scene and be so excited about photographing it, only to get home and see that the vibrant beauty of the landscape is not what my photos showed.

But taking your landscape photos to the next level doesn’t have to be something that’s overly difficult to do.

In fact, these four landscape photography tips are extremely easy to implement, and the results you get can be quite amazing.

Use Filters


Though programs like Photoshop and Lightroom offer you wondrous possibilities for enhancing your photos, the effects you can get by using filters on your camera lens cannot be matched.

That’s especially true for landscape photography, which can benefit from any number of filters:

  • Polarizing filters help cut down on glare off surfaces like water (as seen above), reduce atmospheric haze, and increase contrast in the sky. The result is a photo that has much more visual appeal.
  • Graduated neutral density filters help even out the brightness of the sky and the darkness of the landscape for a more even exposure throughout.
  • Neutral density filters allow you to extend the shutter speed you use during the daytime, which opens up the world of long exposure photography.

There are other filters out there as well, but these three represent the first camera accessories you need to buy.

Editor’s Tip: When buying filters, don’t buy cheap ones. High-quality filters like those from Formatt-Hitech offer improved performance with better colors and contrast, and less aberrations and vignetting. If you want to maximize the quality of your landscape photos, get set up with filters today.

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